UVision to Provide its HERO-120 Organic Precision Fires-Mounted (OPF-M) Aerial Loitering Munition Systems to the US Marine Corps

The HERO-120 OPF-M systems will be integrated into the Marines’ armoured vehicles, under a multi-year program

Washington DC, Tel Aviv June 21, 2021 – UVision Air Ltd. – a global leader in aerial loitering munitions systems of all sizes for a variety of missions, and the design and production company of the Hero-120 system, has been awarded through its Business Development partner, Mistral Inc. to supply the Hero-120 for the US Marine Corps Organic Precision Fire Mounted (OPF-M) System. The system will be integrated with LAV-M, JLTV, and LRUSV.

’s Hero-120 OPF-M has been selected after the completion of several successful demonstrations, tests and evaluation processes, proving the remarkable performance capabilities of the system. The Hero-120 OPF-M will provide the Marines Corps with ISR, highly accurate and precision indirect fire strike capabilities. In addition, will supply its Multi-Canister Launcher tailored to the specific requirements of the USMC and integrate onto the LAV, JLTV and the LRUSV.

The Hero-120 is a mid-range, anti-armor weapon system which meets the complex requirements of the modern battlefield. Hero-120 is a high precision smart loitering munition system with a unique aerodynamic structure that carries out pinpoint strikes against anti-armor, anti-material and anti-personnel targets including tanks, vehicles, concrete fortifications, and other soft targets in populated urban areas. The Hero-120’s high precision capability ensures minimal collateral damage. Its wide range of multi-purpose warheads enable the operational user to effectively engage all targets.

“We are proud to be selected by the Marines to provide advanced solutions for the US frontline forces” says Major General (Ret.) Avi Mizrachi, CEO of UVision. “The contract is a testament of our customers’ strong belief in our systems and their impressive technical performance. Our subsidiary, UVision USA, is in a process of establishing our US based production facility to support the USMC OPF-M program. “

About the HERO Series Family

The HERO series of smart loitering munitions consists of family of eight systems, designed for different missions at various ranges using various types of payloads. The HERO systems are the fastest sensor-to-shooter loitering munitions, allowing frontline forces to independently locate time sensitive targets, track and attack with pin-point precision. Each munition can handle different missions ranging from lightweight static or moving targets (such as light-duty vehicles) to larger fortified or heavily armored targets such as MBT (Main Battle Tank), enemy air defenses and other strategic objectives. The HERO series’ unique design enables the munitions to carry out pinpoint strikes in urban areas or remote locations, with minimal collateral damage. In the case of mission abort, the systems can be recalled and another target selected. The Hero family is low noise and thermal signature, integrates highly advanced, stabilized electro-optic day/night cameras, and is ideal for deployment from air, land and naval platforms.

About UVision Air Ltd.

UVision designs and manufactures combat-proven Smart Loitering Munition Systems providing military organizations around the globe with precise and effective operational attack capabilities. The innovative, cost-effective Systems are based on cutting-edge technology and 30 years of extensive field experience by military professionals, engineers, and management team.

The HERO Family Systems provide high precision strike capabilities based on unique aerodynamic platform configurations. Loitering Munitions are made for unique flight qualities, precision attack munitions, integrating advanced airborne guidance and sophisticated navigation algorithms, integrated with C4I stations – hence meeting the requirements of today’s modern battlefield challenges for combat in complex and dynamic environments.

The HERO Series of Loitering Munitions are suitable for tactical and strategic targets ‒ whether for short, medium or long range – utilizing a variety of warheads to ensure maximum mission effectiveness. The units are operationally deployed and field-proven. ISO certified, is fully committed to providing turnkey solutions to its extensive network of partners and customers around the world with high quality service and swift support.

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