Falkonry, the innovation leader in Operational AI, today announced a significant design win with the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Philadelphia. Falkonry worked in close collaboration with the Navy group during the initial Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) work program and proved its ability to meet scale, accuracy and mission-fit requirements for the Navy’s next-generation Condition-Based Maintenance+ initiatives.

With an aim to improve operational readiness and performance, both propulsion and weapons systems are heavily instrumented in the Navy’s modern vessel classes. However, it has been difficult to extract meaningful insights from the operational data of these complex ships. Falkonry Operational AI was compared against other machine learning approaches in this evaluation phase in the DDG-1000 vessel class, which has thousands of sensors across its major subsystems and components.

Falkonry Operational AI was able to automatically discover multiple normal and non-normal operating states at the ship level and then trace those states back to individual components to surface insights for rapid decision making. In doing so, it overcame a major challenge for machine learning approaches that the operational state of the ship cannot be determined solely by looking at the operational patterns of individual components, since the ship is designed to operate in states in which not all components are running.

“Falkonry has been a great partner in applying AI and ML to exploit operational data for both operational readiness and design improvements. Their Operational AI finds important patterns in large volumes of multivariate time-series data of complex system-of-systems. Their user interface and unique approach to pattern discovery and recognition both at an individual component- and entire system-level enables scaled CBM+ implementations to further the Navy’s sustainment goals,” said Dan Santosusso, Electrical Engineer at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division.

“This represents a significant milestone in Falkonry’s defense and intelligence business, and we’re very excited to continue on this journey with our DoD partners as we adapt our commercial solution to meet the mission needs of our government customers,” said Ian Hersey, Vice President of Public Sector, Falkonry.