Finmeccanica – Selex ES to provide SAGE ESM, DAS to Brazilian Navy Super Lynx helicopters


The order will provide complete defensive capabilities for eight Brazilian Navy Lynx Mk21A

  • The system combines the SAGE ESM, a DAS controller and a third-party countermeasure system
    This further order for SAGE demonstrates the market’s appetite for advanced electronic warfare
  • The system will be bundled with EWOS tools, essential for the quickly developing battlespace

Finmeccanica – Selex ES has received an order from prime contractor Finmeccanica – AgustaWestland to provide a suite of electronic warfare equipment for eight Lynx Mk21A aircraft used by the Brazilian Navy. The company will provide its SAGE electronic support measure (ESM) along with the company’s defensive aid suite (DAS) controller and a third-party countermeasure dispensing system.

SAGE is an electronic warfare system for RF intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. In this installation, SAGE will provide a wideband radar warning capability that is primarily aimed at platform protection; the DAS controller will use this to cue countermeasures. In addition, SAGE will provide a narrowband fine angle of arrival and geolocation capability that is primarily used for surveillance/intelligence purposes. For the Lynx Mk21A, combining SAGE with the Selex ES DAS controller and a countermeasures system effectively provides a flexible and extremely affordable defensive capability for the helicopters.

SAGE has previously been provided to the Republic of Korea for the country’s Maritime Operational Helicopter (MOH) programme and Indonesia for the Air Force CN-235 maritime patrol aircraft. It is also in use with the UK MoD. Interest in the SAGE system is high due to the increased recognition that in future conflicts, forces may have to face advanced radar-based threats employed by more advanced militaries. Due to Selex ES’s heritage and experience in electronic warfare and its large product portfolio, the company is Europe’s leader in the field and is poised to meet this demand.

As with all Selex ES electronic warfare equipment, the system will come packaged with electronic warfare operational support (EWOS) tools for mission data programming and replay. This will allow the Brazilian Navy to get the most out of SAGE, including having the ability to independently update the system to recognise new threats as they arrive in theatre.


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