AEL Sistemas delivers WAD and HUD prototypes to Saab as part of the Brazilian Gripen NG Program


Porto Alegre, September 2nd, 2015 – AEL Sistemas (AEL) has delivered successfully the first Brazilian Gripen NG WAD & HUD prototypes “Model A” to SAAB. In February 2015, Saab announced the selection of AEL as a new Gripen supplier in Brazil. Saab and AEL had also signed a contract for the transfer of technology. AEL will provide the Wide Area Display (WAD), the Head-Up Display (HUD) and the Helmet Mounted Display (HMD), which will be integrated in the Gripen NG for Brazil as part of the F-X2 contract.

The WAD and HUD development programme commenced in January 2015 and the HMD started in May 2015. The new avionics systems programme will run over four years and includes development, integration and production work to be performed in Porto Alegre – RS. System integration work will be undertaken by Saab and Embraer.

The WAD for Brazil’s Gripen NG aircraft is a single smart and fullredundant multi-purpose large-screen (19 x 8 in) display system, fullcolour and high-resolution with continuous image presentation, capable of receiving inputs via bezel buttons, touchscreen or external interfaces. It is the primary source of all flight and mission information in the cockpit.

AEL will also develop a new HUD for Brazil’s Gripen NG aircraft. The HUD provides essential flight and mission information to the pilot when looking ‘heads up’ out of the cockpit.

The HMD Targo is the next generation of the equipment, which allows the pilot to view data and images of real and virtual targets, adding features that increase the pilot’s situational awareness and judgment capabilities.

The prototypes will enable Saab to anticipate the system and software engineering activities thus reducing integration risk to the aircraft.

Extensive flight test campaign will be conducted in close co-operation with AEL at Saab’s site in Linköping, Sweden. “We are proud to deliver these prototypes in time and with quality,
enabling Saab engineers to continue their work towards the integration to the aircraft. We believe this event highlights and evidences AEL´s commitment within Saab and Brazilian Air Force to provide the next generation cockpit for next generation fighter” states Sérgio Horta, AEL’s president.

“This is a very important step in the development of Gripen NG for Brazil.

It shows a very efficient cooperation between AEL and Saab and is a successful step in the industrial cooperation between Brazilian industry and Saab in the Gripen NG program”, says Mikael Franzén, Program Director for Gripen Brazil.

The Brazilian procurement process for 36 Gripen NG is on-going and the contract is expected to come into effect during this year. The WAD, HUD and HMD transfer of technology (ToT) to AEL is ongoing. Additional scope will focus on further development of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) for advanced fighters, along with workshops for avionics maintenance. Activities under this contract will commence in the second half of 2015 at Saab in Linköping. This will include theoretical courses and on-the-job-training.

About AEL Sistemas
AEL has worked in the defence and space sectors since 1983. AEL is Brazilian – successor to Aeroeletrônica – and it is located in Porto Alegre (RS). The company develops programs for the modernization of military platforms and it is currently one of the Brazilian Armed Forces’ main partners. Embraer, Helibras and INPE are some of the company’s clients.

SOURCE: AEL Sistemas

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