Elbit Systems Receives U.S. Navy Contract to Modify the NAVAIR Test Pilot School C-26



FORT WORTH, Texas, May 9, 2016 – Elbit Systems of America, LLC, through its subsidiary M7 Aerospace, LLC, was awarded a $7.5 million Firm, Fixed Price contract by the US Navy to perform modifications on United States Naval Test Pilot School’s (USNTPS) C-26 aircraft. Upgrades will be completed by September 2016 in San Antonio, Texas.

With a trusted legacy of delivering high quality modifications and upgrades to a wide range of airframes from military and corporate jets to turbo props, Elbit Systems of America, the Type Certificate holder for the C-26, was selected to install an Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) upgrade and a Finmeccanica, Vixen 500E AESA radar on the Navy’s C-26 aircraft. This modification will replace the existing weather radar with an AESA radar that meets the USNTPS requirements for training and supportability, and Navy Test Wing Atlantic (NTWL) Open Architecture (OA) flying test bed requirements.

USNTPS trains experienced pilots, Naval Flight Officers (NFOs), and engineers to become qualified test pilots, test flight officers, and flight test engineers that support test and evaluation programs. Graduates of the school must meet the test and evaluation requirements of the U.S. Navy and various other Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) activities in all U. S. military services, other U.S. Government agencies, civilian industry, and many foreign nations.

The addition of the new Vixen 500E AESA radar will give students practical, hands-on experience with an advanced, compact, lightweight, radar that combines Fire Control, Surveillance and Reconnaissance search capabilities, along with target acquisition, tracking and prosecution. The design is intended for installation in small fast-jets, fighter lead-ins, trainers & modified business aircraft, like the U.S. Navy C/RC-26.

The Navy’s C-26 is a versatile, multipurpose transport aircraft that provides rapid-response personnel movement and high-priority resupply to remote sites. The global C-26 fleets continue to expand their mission capability and functionality through the expansion and integration of special mission equipment packages to meet the ever-changing requirements of today’s Navy.

“Partnering with our military customers to develop a highly focused modification, repair and overhaul plan allows us to deliver an affordable, high quality solution that meets military requirements and keeps them in the fight,” said Chris Hickey, vice president, Sustainment & Support, Elbit Systems of America. “This modification aligns with our strategy to extend the life and highlight the value of our C-26 franchise.”

Elbit Systems of America is known for its commitment to its customers, craftsmanship, integrity and value and is a multiple award recipient of the FAA’s Diamond Award for Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) training.

Based in San Antonio, TX, Elbit Systems of America’s Sustainment & Support Solutions provides aircraft modernization, sustainment, and worldwide contractor logistics support to a multitude of platforms such as the Metro Merlin, C/RC-26, King Air, C-21, C-23, UC-35, ATR 42/72, DO-328 and many other platforms.


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