Embraer KC-390

The Embraer KC-390, which was photographed last Sunday morning in the Canary Islands, in the province of Las Palmas, ended up landing in Gothenburg, Sweden, at 3:05 PM, according to the website Flightradar.

The visit to Sweden comes at a very opportune moment, as last week in may the idea of an international partnership in the Embraer military transport aircraft program was defended by brazilian Defense Minister Raul Jungmann.

Sweden has 6 old C-130H military transport aircraft and has decided to make a mid-life upgrade on these aircraft to extend their service life by the end of the next decade. The eventual acquisition of the KC-390 by Sweden would give a major boost to the international promotion of the aircraft.

On May 8, it was announced that Portugal will begin negotiations with Embraer for the acquisition of five KC-390 aircraft, with the option of one more, and a flight simulator.

SOURCE: Poder Aéreo (Air Power)

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